Date Contents Location
2002.7.12 Dr. Akiyama-Dr. No; Exchange e-DD Information Republic of Korea
2002.9.14 Dr. Akiyama, Attend BMDRC Symposium on “Protein Structure for Drug target”, discussion on research collaboration Republic of Korea
2003.9.17 Dr. Akiyama- Dr. No, Discussion on collaboration of e-DD Education Republic of Korea
2004.6.3 Dr. Jiang – Dr. No: Discussion on the foundation of e-DD collaboration hub. Republic of Korea
2004.6.19-24 Dr. No, Visit DDDC, first draft on AHeDD, visit DD related Institutes China
2004.8.24 Dr. Jiang Visit BMDRC, Attend Symposium, meeting with e-DD Researchers Republic of Korea
2004.9.29-30 Dr. No; Visit CBRC, discuss on AHeDD Japan
2004.11.24 Dr. Akiyama: Visit BMDRC, Seminar, meeting with Korean e-DD Researchers Republic of Korea
2005.7.27-29 AHeDD Jeju Workshop (1st) Jeju, Republic of Korea
2005.8.26 Sub session in 11th Asian Chemical Congress, “Cheminformatics for Drug Discovery and Development” – AHeDD Seoul, Republic of Korea
2005.10.26-29 Korean Delegates attended CBRC2005 / ISCBB2005, Visit MEXT Japan
2006.5.22-24 AHeDD (2nd) Seoul, Republic of Korea
2007.4. AHeDD 2007 Symposium (3rd) Shanghai, China
2008.2.2, 3.24 Virtual Lab. Preparing meeting China /Republic of Korea
2008.10.16-17 AHeDD 2008, Tokyo (4th) Tokyo, Japan
2009.11.5-6 AHeDD 2009, Two sessions in CBI-KSBSB Joint Conference (5th) Busan, Republic of Korea
2010.12.18 AHeDD 2010, Yonsei University (6th) Seoul, Republic of Korea
2013.10.8-12 CMTPI-2013 Seoul, Republic of Korea
2014.11.11-12 AHeDD 2014 (7th) Chengdu, China
2017.7.26-27 AHeDD 2017 (8th) Melbourne, Australia
2018.9.26-29 AHeDD 2018 Symposium (9th)

Gangneung, Republic of Korea

2019.11.27-30 AHeDD 2019 Symposium (10th)

Kawasaki-City, Japan